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About Us

OC On Color

OC is a family business located in Salinas, California.  The business started in 2008 by selling knit wraps wholesale directly to local boutiques in California.  In October 2009 OC attended their first wholesale trade show where boutique owners do their shopping.  The wholesale business has expanded nationwide with the assistance of Sales Reps located in all the major market areas.  Up to this point, the intention was to only sell wholesale and let the boutiques service the retail customer.  It has become apparent that retail customers exist in many locations that do not have convenient access to boutiques that carry the OC line.  The purpose of this online store is to provide access of the OC line to retail customers not conveniently located close to boutiques that carry OC products.  The online business is new for OC but is an important segment of the business plan.  


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