BLT 1 OC Wide Lambskin Leather Belt

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BLT 1 OC Wide Lambskin Leather Belt is ultra soft and magnificent.

The Buckle is the interactive 47 inch flexible necklace.  It serves as an interactive belt closure in which you become the artist and mold and shape it.  It can also be worn separately as a necklace or bracelet. The Color of the flexible buckle is Chrome Silver.

The lambskin Leather strap is Black in color and is 2.75 inches wide and sized in Petite (extra small), Small, medium & large

The Belt looks exceptional on waist or worn down low on the hips.

Petite Size:  Leather strap is 29" + hardware =  29" to 35"  size range 

Small Size:  Leather Strap is 33" + Hardware = 33" to 39"  Size range

Medium Size: Leather Strap is 37" + Hardware = 37" to 43" size range

large Size: Leather Strap is 41"  + Hardware = 41" to 47" size range